Ash Tress in Right-of-Way

The City has developed a plan where all ash trees in the right-of-way must be either treated or removed in the next five years. The City will be responsible for any trees that are removed, but residents who are interested in treating ash trees that are located on city right-of-way must follow a permit system. The permitting system is free and necessary for our Parks Department to keep track of which city trees have been treated.

Here is how the process works:

  1. If there is an ash tree located in city right-of-way near you, and you would like to treat it against Emerald Ash Borer, fill out this form (PDF) and return it to the Johnston Parks Department. Forms may be taken to Crown Point Community Center at 6300 Pioneer Parkway, where the Parks Department is located, or mailed to Johnston City Hall at P.O. Box 410, Johnston, Iowa 50131.
  2. The City Arborist, or a designated representative, will then contact you so they may come to evaluate the condition of the ash tree(s) to determine if it is healthy enough to be saved.
  3. If the ash tree(s) is in good condition, the Arborist will provide the applicant with a list of qualified contractors (see below) to provide the injection treatment.
  4. The applicant must then coordinate with the contractor and pay for the treatment of the tree(s).
  5. The contractor is responsible to inform the city of treatment to the tree(s) identified for the duration of the treatment. The permitting process allows the city to create a database of treated trees so that those trees are not cut down. There is no cost to obtain a permit.

Important Information:

The injection treatment for ash trees located on the city right-of-way must be done once every two years and treatments range from $150 to $400, depending on the size of the tree. The city recommends getting a couple of estimates. The city Arborist has determined that injection is the most environmentally-friendly way to treat a healthy ash tree against Emerald Ash Borer. The city will not permit trees to be treated with soil injections or soil drenching to reduce the potential for chemical runoff and groundwater contamination. Only trunk injections will be permitted. Treatment is not always a guarantee that a tree will survive EAB. For ash trees located on private property, residents and business owners may treat their trees however they wish, though city staff recommends trunk injections over drenches and sprays due to environmental concerns.

Approved Contractors:

Phone: 515-201-7073
Melinda Charron

Family Tree Care
Phone: 515-278-5200
Rick Hanson

Wright Outdoor Solutions
Phone: 515-987-0800
John Griffith

Phone: 515-289-0002

Seidl Services
Phone: 515-419-5630
Doug Seidl

Vans Tree Tech
Phone: 515-523-1993
Larry VanOtterloo