NW Annexation Property

The City Development Board approved a 1,461-acre annexation into the City of Johnston on September 12. Properties are 100 percent voluntary and include the Beaver Creek Golf Course, a Department of the Navy Training Facility currently under construction, a portion of Camp Dodge, and six large undeveloped parcels. Properties with development potential are centered around the east side of Highway 141 and Saylorville Drive near the mile-long bridge.

Continued growth in Johnston and limited land availability have drawn interest from developers to the annexation area for a number of years and the Saylorville Drive area has long been included in the Johnston’s Comprehensive Plan as a future growth node. 

Recent land acquisitions by Camp Dodge south of Saylorville Drive and continued rural residential development to the north have already started to change the landscape.

Click here (PDF) to view the map of the annexation.

Information on the benefits of Annexation can be found here.

The Iowa DOT is currently studying improvements to the Highway 141 corridor.